Simian Substitute Sites Of The Month - 2005 Archive

January 2005 - Little Monkey Murals
Got kids? Want to have cool stuff all over their bedroom walls? Little Monkey Murals can help you with that. Not necessarily involving monkeys, although the option's there if you want it.

February 2005 - First Drink Of The Day by 7 Seconds Of Love
Top ska band 7 Seconds Of Love made their debut on the interweb with this monkey-driven ode to alcoholism. It was the start of a love affair that lasted throughout the rest of 2005: at one point, one of my photos of the band made it onto their homepage (not there any more, but it's still to be seen under the entry dated 28/01/2005 on By the end of the year this song was guaranteed a place on my 2005 compilation CD, and even gave it its title.

March 2005 - The Gorilla Cover Gallery
Over 500 comic book covers with one thing in common: they all feature gorillas. It's a more common theme in comics than you might first imagine.

April 2005 - Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant
A chunky bit of audio (27.7MB of MP3) of a tribal chant that was the subject of one of Sky's 'watch National Geographic, it's really good, honestly' adverts at the time.

May 2005 - Yahoo! video search for 'monkey'
This was when Google had just released the beta of their video search facility. I was going to do a link to a search for 'monkey' with Google, but then I found out that it was rubbish and that Yahoo!'s was much better. (Google has subsequently improved, but that Flash interface is still ugly as sin.)

June 2005 - MonkeyPeaches
To coincide with our trip to Hong Kong, a site celebrating the delights of Asian action cinema. No idea why they picked that name, though.

July 2005 - Natural History Museum: Face To Face (dead link)
London's Natural History Museum had a rather splendid exhibition between May and September 2005, featuring photographer James Mollison's portraits of assorted apes. Sadly, this press release seems to be the only evidence remaining on the NHM site, as they don't appear to keep an archive. (At the time of writing the exhibition's touring the UK and is currently in Liverpool, so see if this link is a little more permanent.)

August 2005 - World Of Monkey
Miscellaneous simian whimsy from a monkey called Monkey. I'm not sure I approve of the Quicktime intro embedded into the front page, but the rest of it seems fun enough.

September 2005 - The Furry Monkey
A site where Karen talks about her Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. What, you want me to make jokes now? (Actually, she's done some already.)

October 2005 - Creative Commons: Make A Monkey Movie
Comedian Paul Provenza introduced his movie The Aristocrats at Edinburgh this year, and when asked what he liked most about Scotland in comparison with America, he exclaimed "you put Darwin on your banknotes!" Strictly speaking, Paul, that's England, but we know what you're getting at. Which is presumably the thinking behind this script for a movie of the Scopes "Monkey" Trial being given a Creative Commons license, meaning that anyone has the right to perform it as long as Nat Friedman gets a credit. Go on, have a go.

November 2005 - Arctic Monkeys
Pure and simple bandwagon jumping on my part, I'll admit. By November, the Monkeys had had their first number one hit with I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, and the rest of the country was desperately trying to catch up. Including me. They're still darn good, though I'm somewhat perturbed by this popular theory that because they're young, Northern and working class, someone else must be writing their songs for them. (Possibly this guy, apparently. Though Monkeys songs are a little too light on appalling puns to share any DNA with Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine.)

December 2005 - King Kong
Possibly the most obvious Simian link of all time, in the month of release of Peter Jackson's movie. Fun fact: on Christmas Eve 2005, while The Belated Birthday Girl and I were in New York, we used a ruler, a map and the Time Out New York cinema listings to see the film in the closest theatre possible to the Empire State Building. And she still says she doesn't like conceptual art. (FYI: it was Loews 34th Street 14.)

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